public art & events

Hidden – an Exhibition in a Graveyard

As a commemoration of Rookwood Cemetery’s 150th Anniversary, a collaborative art project was hosted on the site. ‘Hidden 2017 ‘ included 40 installations in a Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Walk from the 26th August – 24th September.

the Storyteller
the Storyteller

My¬†giant skull mosaic ‘the Storyteller’ filled the space between adjacent head stones drawing on Day of the Dead iconography.

Close up of Storyteller
Close up of Storyteller

The calavera is a common motif in popular culture. Immediately accessible and less bleak than a skull, it tells the unique story of a life once led. In this work I use individual and painstakingly created ceramic tiles as symbols of the eternal cycle of life; butterflies, the sun, leaves and sprouting plants. Combined with found objects; little pebbles and broken pieces of of treasured crockery. The flotsam and jetsam of our ordinary lives creates inexplicable patterns. The eye sockets contain miniature scenes like memories. A Momento Mori glittering light and colour that conversely reminds us to live our lives now.

Open Studio

The Australian Ceramics Association holds an open studio day every year to invite  interested people into working studios.

It was a cold weekend in 2016, but many braved the weather and came to visit Hearth studio and check out the work in progress.


Make your mark

Make your Mark was a public art project organised by Tuggeranong Arts centre in 2014 to involve and show off the skills of the near by Multicultural Playgroup. We made stencils and painted pots from all over the world representing the incredibly diverse backgrounds of the participants.


Torrens Primary mosaic table

In October 2013 I won an Artist’s in Schools grant to develop and deliver an art project with a local school. Working with the students of Torren’s Primary we came up with a design for a mosaic table top covered with features of the city we live in- seen and imagined!

All classes were involved and worked on different aspects; the trees, animals, roads and roundabouts, buildings and landscapes

You could spend a lot of time looking at this table, the detail is amazing and as most of the tiles are made by children there is more imagination per square inch then your everyday public art work…